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Juan Luna: Unraveling ​the Legacy ​of a Filipino ​Master’s Brilliant ​Art and Complicated ​Life

Introduction ​Juan Luna’s name ​is associated ​with artistic talent ​and national ​pride, and he ​has a ​big place in ​the history ​of art in ​the Philippines ​and around the ​world. His ​extraordinary skill and ​contributions have ​left an indelible ​mark…

How to Use ​Lazada’s (LEX PH) ​Tracking: How Packages ​and Shipments ​Get There

Introduction ​In the ​fast-paced world of ​e-commerce today, ​tracking packages must ​be easy ​and reliable. Lazada, ​a popular ​online store in ​Southeast Asia, ​uses the Lazada ​Express (LEX) ​delivery service to ​make sure ​that customers get ​their packages ​quickly and…